Black Forest Inn


    Black Forest Inn

    1 East 26th Street
    Minneapolis MN 55404

    Each day since May 15, 1965, Black Forest Inn has been dedicated to serving you a special selection of foods inspired by the German kitchen. By preparing these foods with fresh ingredients—including their own bratwurst, spaetzel, breads, and pastries—they are able to offer you well-made dishes at the best possible price.

    Located in the heart of Eat Street—only a short hike from downtown Minneapolis, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and the Children’s Theatre—they’ve been privileged to serve a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Black Forest Inn hopes to have the honor of welcoming you back often.

    Spargelfest May 24–June 2

    The Germans go crazy for asparagus (spargel) this time of year. There—as here—asparagus is a sure sign of spring… or, as the Germans say, asparagus is the “Joy of Spring.”

    In late May, the Black Forest Inn will devote a menu to asparagus! We’ll serve fresh, local asparagus in as many delicious ways as we can think of. We will have asparagus with pork, with chicken or with fish. We’ll be making asparagus strudel, soup, and salad. We will wrap asparagus, roast it, mash it, soufflé it and we will infuse vodka with asparagus to make the delicious Spargeltini. If you aren’t an asparagus lover already, you will be at Spargelfest!

    Live Music

    We’re starting off Spargelfest the best way–with Alphorns! The Matterhorn Trio joins us again with the magical, mysterious sounds of these 12-foot long horns. Then, stay for Mark Stillman on accordion, and Dale Mendenhall on clarinet.

    Friday, May 31, 2013
    6:30-9 p.m. Dreamland Faces (an accordion and saw duo)

    Weinfest July 19–July 28

    Wine samples, featured wines, food specials, and prizes

    Asparagus Salad


    Matterhorn Trio