Celebrating Father's Day

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    Mom’s get all the glory, but Dad’s do plenty of parenting heavy lifting. I know my husband is just as often the tender of bad boo-boos and the captain of great adventures in my little family as I am.  He’s a fantastic father and I know our two little playground conquerors depend on him as their great champion, just as I was lucky enough to know I could always depend on my dad to care for me. This Father’s Day, we can treat the beloved dads and those that take up the proud dad mantle with delicious treats that are all about sitting back, relaxing and celebrating these strong, capable, tender, loving and steady role models in our lives.

    By: Joy Summers 


    Here are five berry recipes that can help to add that extra spark of joy to an already delightful day:


    Fresh Berry Ketchup Topped Sirloin Burgers possess sweet, spicy flavors paired perfectly with the savory beef.


    Mini Raspberry Pies are super easy to make with the little ones (and even easier to devour.)


    Breakfast Tacos ensure everyone gets their favorite bite. Simply cook the pancakes and lay out the toppings – after Dad sleeps in, of course.


    Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix can be whipped up ahead of time and packed with dad before heading out on his favorite adventure or bike trail. It’s nutritious and delicious.


    Blueberry Mint Lemonade helps a cool dad stay even cooler.



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