Charlie & Co. Design, LTD.

    Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd

    Charlie Simmons, Founder/Principal
    Colby Mattson, Principal

    Residential Design

    “Imagine taking a million dollars and investing it yourself. You’re probably just knowledgeable enough to be dangerous, but with no real science on your side,” says Charlie Simmons, founder and partner of Charlie & Co. Design Ltd. “You need a competent and trusted advisor handling your investments, right? That’s a lot of money and a heck of a gamble!” It’s the same thing when you build/remodel your home. “As a residential design firm, we can provide professional guidance and project management tools,” says Colby Mattson, partner at Charlie & Co. As your advocate from start to finish, the firm creates thoughtful home designs, vets build partners, and keeps an over-arching view of schedules and budgets. According to Mattson, “We serve the same role as that financial advisor, helping you avoid the pitfalls of investing your money and ensuring successful results that are gratifying to your soul and your pocketbook.” Money. Well. Spent.

    212 3rd Ave. N., Suite 356, Minneapolis • • 612-333-2246

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