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    Cherrywood Dental Care

    Dr. Melissa Zettler, Dentist

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    I thrive on interacting with people,” says Dr. Melissa Zettler. “i look forward to getting to know my patients and their needs. And when I get to meet their family members, it gets even better.” It is this love of people—and genuine concern that her patients receive the best care possible—that drives most decisions at Cherrywood Dental Care in Savage. Dr. Melissa Zettler and her team train regularly with the best and brightest in the industry. This allows them to provide the optimal care with the newest techniques and equipment. In addition, Dr. Zettler is a visiting faculty at Spear Education (one of the top dental training centers in the country), active in her professional organizations, and has volunteered her time to serve those less fortunate on many occasions. She loves helping people look their best and regain confidence through healthy, beautiful smiles. Combining art and science is a passion for all at Cherrywood Dental Care, because—as everyone knows—a smile is worth a thousand words.

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