Consider the Humble Raspberry

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    As Twin Cities’ residents, we adore our little raspberries. Vibrant and tart, they walk the line between jammy sweet and puckery sour. This makes raspberries incredibly versatile, landing them in everything from breakfast to tossed in fresh salads or mixed into grain bowls. Raspberries are even the perfect garnish for a glass of champagne or as the backbone to a great cocktail.

    But have you ever considered getting to know our favorite berry better? Did you know that the individual “bumps” on a raspberry are called drupelets? The number of drupelets that make up an individual raspberry is directly connected to the number of bees that landed on the flower to pollinate the plant.

    Driscoll’s grows two different types of raspberries: Red, known for its sweet apricot flavors; and Sunshine that are more tropical and peachy sweet.

    Every year, Driscoll’s reviews thousands of seedlings to determine exactly which varieties will stand up to the company’s high standards. It then takes five to seven years before those few juicy, sweet berries are ready to eat.

    But Driscoll’s raspberries fans don’t have to wait nearly that long. Following the sun to grow them around the globe, all of Driscoll’s berries are available year round. These berries are all natural and never genetically modified.

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