Consulting Radiologists


    * Named 2009 Best Doctors for Women

    Radiologists are highly-skilled professionals with great memories and excellent verbal and written skills. They solve diagnostic mysteries and interpret radiological procedures with unwavering accuracy and insight.
    And if they work for Consulting Radiologists (CRL), they probably own a pretty good pair of running shoes.

    “It’s a misconception that radiologists sit alone in a dark room and read x-rays. I am perpetually in motion,” says Dr. Deborah Day, selected as a 2009 Best Doctor for Women. “My day is filled with constant interactions with
    physicians, nurses, technologists, surgeons, pathologists, other radiologists, and of course, patients.”

    CRL prides itself on delivering the highest quality of care and carries out this mission by using Board Certified radiologists with specialized training and expertise to interpret a patient’s imaging study. In addition to being
    highly skilled, the 70 physicians in CRL’s full-service network realize that anxiety can be an overwhelming part of receiving a diagnostic test, and strive to provide an atmosphere that is reassuring and comfortable.

    “It’s all about the patient,” says Dr. Mary Hestness, also named a 2009 Best Doctor for Women. “Nothing else matters but our patients’ comfort and satisfaction.”

    While CRL radiologists have no control over test results, they can help reduce the patient’s stress by keeping them informed, treating them with dignity and respect, and demonstrating that they are thoroughly invested in their
    care. That is part of the CRL difference and why so many place their trust in them.