Dentistry By Design

    Dentistry by Design

    Atif H. Rizvi, DDS

    Sedation Dentistry

    There’s an ethereal spa-like ambiance at Dentistry by Design, eliminating anxiety that might typically accompany a trip to the dentist. “We understand that ambiance within the dental clinic affects our patients’ moods,” says Dr. Atif H. Rizvi, an experienced cosmetic and sedation dentist. From the lobby to the surgical suites, a serene and relaxing environment at the Minnetonka-based clinic sets the tone for an enjoyable experience. Some of the most advanced technology ensures safe and superior diagnostics, longer-lasting restorations, beautiful, natural results, and a completely digital system for the most efficient administrative services. Dr. Rizvi has the academic background and scientific knowledge to keep his patients’ teeth, gums, and smiles in great condition, but it’s his interpersonal skills that really shine. He is able to put patients at ease, gain their confidence, and help them overcome their fears. “As a team, we understand that our patients come first,” says Dr. Rizvi. “A satisfied patient is a happy patient.”

    17809 Hutchins Drive, Suite 108, Minnetonka  952-474-5041