Eugenie Lyons and PNBC Physician, Joseph A. Wegner, M.D.

    Eugenie Lyons and PNBC physician, Joseph A. Wegner, M.D.Eugenie Lyons has always loved to dance. When she’s dancing, she’s freely expressing herself, she’s enjoying the music, she’s celebrating life.

    In 1989, Eugenie didn’t feel like dancing anymore. Her husband Raymond, a physician who had multiple sclerosis, had a seizure and was left with severe cognitive limitations.

    “He was the love of my life,” she says.

    Eugenie’s first back injury occurred while caring for Raymond. She was lifting more weight than her small frame could handle, and one day, her entire body went into spasms.

    Her world stopped when Raymond died in 1997. She handled her grief by overeating. In 2002—fearing her two daughters would wind up orphans—she joined a gym. It was while lifting free weights that Eugenie severely injured her back for the second time.

    “There were days I couldn’t walk. Every step induced tears,” she says.

    She tried massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, pilates and pain pills, all with no long-term relief. The pain was unbearable. Her family doctor handed her the name of a surgeon.

    “Physicians Neck & Back Clinics has allowed me to dance circles around my doctor.” – Eugenie Lyons

    Worried that she’d have to find a new job and give up her newfound hobby of ballroom dancing, she instead took the advice of a friend and scheduled an appointment at Physicians Neck & Back Clinics (PNBC).

    The program has worked so well she calls it her “PNBC miracle.”

    “Physicians Neck & Back Clinics has truly changed my life and given me back a pain-free existence,” she says. “I am giddy over my results.”

    The goal at PNBC is restored function and lasting relief, rather than a temporary fix. Board-certified physicians, physcial therapists and rehab associates work with patients to optimize spinal fitness, which in turn, helps alleviate pain. After completing the program, patients are taught to maintain their gains with a simple home program.

    Today there is dancing in Eugenie’s life, and her prognosis is excellent.

    “You just have to have faith and believe this can work. Now I’m dancing circles around my doctor!” she says.

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