Eureka! Recycling

    Working toward a waste-free tomorrow

    Eureka Recycling believes that resources are valuable—like gold—and should be managed wisely. To accomplish this, the community-based organization puts into practice a model of resource management rather than waste management, a model that assumes waste is preventable, not inevitable.

    Through careful planning, recycling and composting, events like Fresh Taste Festival are designed to follow this same waste-free concept.

    You can make a difference simply by changing the way you look at waste. Individuals, restaurants—even entire cities—are joining a growing movement toward zero-waste by implementing composting programs. Instead of sending food scraps or non-recyclable paper to landfills or incinerators (both of which contribute to climate change), we can compost food scraps and non-recyclable paper to create the nutrient-rich soil farmers need.

    • Right now, you can compost at home with a simple backyard bin or worm-composting bin. Eureka Recycling offers composting workshops to help you get started.

    • Eureka Recycling works closely with restaurants, co-ops and farmers’ markets in Minneapolis to implement composting programs.

    • Eureka Recycling also assists with dozens of zero-waste events each year, like the Fresh Taste Festival. Call 651-222-7678 if you’d like to plan a zero-waste event.

    To learn more about composting opportunities, please visit