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    JNBA financial associates group photoWith more and more baby boomers making often irrevocable decisions about their long-term finances, JNBA Financial Advisors is increasing its efforts to make sure Twin Cities investors are smarter about the choices they make.

    “Our philosophy has been the same for over 26 years,” says JNBA CEO Richard S. Brown. “Investing money without a sound, objective financial plan is like building a house without a blueprint. It just isn’t smart.”

    Yet people forge ahead without a plan, due primarily to widespread confusion over the many options available and the myriad of advisors and brokers offering advice and investment opportunities.

    “As people approach retirement, there is often a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety,” Brown says. “Working with an advisor they trust can alleviate some of that.” Success depends on a financial partner’s objectivity, investment knowledge, ability to make educated projections, and flexibility. “These are areas where a qualified financial advisor can add significant value,” Brown says, and encourages investors to ask as many questions as it takes to ensure they feel comfortable with how their financial future will take shape.

    Many people use “broker” and “financial advisor” as if they are interchangeable, but they aren’t. The roles, fee structures, and responsibility for disclosure and fiduciary accountability to clients under SEC laws are all very different. “As an independent, fee-based firm, JNBA has built a team of experienced advisors whose first priority is to put our clients’ best interests above all else,” Brown says.

    “Investing money without a sound, objective financial plan is like building a house without a blueprint. It just isn’t smart.”

    Despite the uncertainty we all face in life, Brown says there is one thing he knows for sure: “Bull markets and bear markets will come and go, but nothing can replace the emotional peace of mind that a good, solid and well-executed financial plan will provide.”

    JNBA extends a warm welcome to Jeffrey Menne, CFA, Director, Wealth Management.

    “With an MBA in finance from Carlson and a CFA designation, Jeff brings 20 years of industry knowledge and analytical thinking to JNBA,” Brown says “We’re excited to have him on our team.”


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