Let Love Light the Way

Get a look into how to create the perfect wedding with The Wedding Guys®. Every Wednesday for the next few weeks, we’ll bring you a new post on tips, trick, and inspiration you can use for your own event. Today’s topic is lighting.

Lighting has the ability to transform space, and can be as varied in its application as the ways we bring light into darkness. Lighting brings great depth; illuminating volumes of space or accenting individual event elements. Luminosity for weddings can mean so much more than just LED up lighting and color washed walls. Creating emotion with light and color, while never letting the guests know the mechanics behind it, is a designer’s sleight of hand. 

Wedding Lighting

We created a layered effect combining glowing glass bubble chandeliers, uplit walls, pinspotted tables and an LED dance floor for this reception. The refraction of light and varied dimensions allowed us to create a modern mood by combining these elements with other translucent materials, such as acrylic, and the glass walls of the structure. Elements that capture light and ones that are illuminated from within, can be easily paired together. 

A variety of color created a warm and inviting effect, uniquely accenting each design element of the evening. Each centerpiece was spot lit bringing it into focus on each table. 


In order to add drama to any space and create not only a source of illumination, but also another element to the overall decor, think about incorporating chandeliers. Anything is possible from glittering onyx crystal, to rustic metal ring fixtures. Even the selection of light bulbs can have a significant impact on the overall effect. To create the warm glow of amber, you can use Edison bulbs. These vintage inspired filament bulbs are now widely available and come in a series of shapes and wattage. Their tone pairs well with candlelight and have a warmer glow than florescent bulbs. 

Candles, of course, are one of our favorite lighting tools. Lighting creates an effect unlike any other. Creative play with lighting will provide the extra special enhancement to your wedding environment.