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    Clockwise from left to right: Amy Thompson, Michelle Speake, Michael Hammett, Suzy Mernik, and Todd Sether, President

    Photo by Matthew Witchell

    Lixivian, a packaging solutions firm, started five years ago with a single employee, president and owner, Todd Sether. In just a few short years, Todd’s expertise in the packaging industry, high quality standards, and his penchant for process has expanded the Lixivian team of experts to five.

    This team of industry professionals works like a well-oiled machine to address the needs of their clients.   From package design through production and distribution, “Our company makes it easy for an organization to develop and expand its product line,†explains Sether.
    Using the Lixivian Quality Assurance Blueprint process, the Team consistently works to deliver the best solutions designed to maximize their customer’s product development investment. In fact, Lixivian recently received The Nintendo Seal of Quality, based on this process and their team of professionals who execute it.

    Sether and his “outstanding†team understand that a product does not just magically appear on store shelves when a person develops a new product concept. They know the industry, they anticipate future needs, and they utilize new technologies to keep abreast of changes in the packaging process.

    “We are 100 percent customer focused,†Sether says. “We have helped start-ups grow to become large organizations by providing the right packaging solutions with honesty and integrity.  We’ve become more than vendors, we are partners in our clients’ success.â€


    Q. How has your company changed since the first Trendsetter?

    At the time of the first Trendsetter in 2003, I was primarily doing just the print portion of the packaging process. Today, we do so much more than print boxes. Now we can handle a product package through every phase of its lifecycle — from design through distribution.  It has been very rewarding to be able to expand our offering and provide our customers with a full spectrum of services to help them reach their goals.

    Q. Where do you see Lixivian Corporation going in 10 years?
    A. We will continue to evolve by providing our customers with innovative, new solutions that might not have previously existed.  We need not only to be experts in our business, but need to be experts in our client’s business to help them succeed. Our goal is to continue to develop packaging solutions that are competitive with overseas production, while utilizing the control and consistency that domestic packaging allows.     

    Q. What advice do you have for those hoping to achieve success in their field?
    A. Find something you are passionate about! As long as you have the fire within and you think what you’re doing is fun, stay on that path. If you lose the passion and it’s no longer fun, it’s time to figure out a new plan.

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