Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out With a Personalized Book

    Creating a suite of personalized wedding day stationery is never a small task. But it used to be very simple, one engraved card that contained all the pertinent wedding information and the name of the recipient handwritten on the card – certainly a sign of simpler times. Today, most are coordinating a weekend of festivities, including travel accommodations for extended families and friends, and of course the RSVP cards (because who knows now-days that you are supposed to hand write an acceptance to the invitation? We can barely get people to return a stamped reply card!)

    So what’s to do when you want to ensure that your guests don’t lose the bundle of cards that arrive in your invitation? Well, make a book! For one of our Signature Weddings we enlisted the help of designer Sarah Glad of A Milestone Paper Co. Together we conceptualized a unique invitation that would be hand-bound as booklets and personalized for each guest. We planned for the invitations to arrive in cellophane envelopes, giving the bold graphics a center-stage presence. 

    The design itself played off the ceremony décor and elements of the reception. The bound-book format included perforated cards that would contain all pertinent information and incorporate every element of the invitation into a sleek and modern package. The invitation itself featured the color palette of the ceremony and reception—peacock colors of regal purples, greens, and a splash of red. A William Morris-inspired pattern enhanced the booklet’s cover and Art Nouveau-inspired motifs were reflected on the interior pages. Liberal use of bold, interesting, colorful graphics and original text made the text itself a graphic statement. In addition to traditional elements included in the invitation ensemble, we opted to include a copy of the reception menu. This would give the guests a formal listing of the culinary selections in advance, a good idea since the reception would feature chef action stations (and a traditional menu displayed at each setting seemed inappropriate).

    If you have a lot to say, consider a hand-bound booklet style invitation. Want more stationery inspiration? Come see amazing invitation designs at the Twin Cities Bridal Show on September 20, 2015 at the Saint Paul RiverCentre. A Milestone Paper Co., Watermark Stationery, Ginger P Designs and Anchor Paper Express will be presenting amazing ideas in the Inspiration Station™.