Meet the Joy Makers

    Presented by Driscoll’s 


    It takes time, care and dedication to coax deliciousness out of even the most humble of ingredients. When popping a fresh picked berry into your mouth, take a moment to savor the journey from field to store those Driscoll’s berries take. The journey begins with folks we like to call, Joy Makers.

    Five to seven years of hard work go into producing a berry variety that is ready for commercial production. During that time, Driscoll’s berries are taste tested, analyzed, placed in nurseries, stress tested, flavor tasted some more, checked for robustness, and examined in all sorts of ways to ensure that only the top quality berries make it from the farm to the supermarket. (The Joy Makers often get the fun job of being joy tasters.)

    Every year, Driscoll’s flavor-tests more than 500 selected varieties from plots from around the world, providing feedback on flavor, aroma, visual appearance, and texture. To help ensure unbiased feedback from testers, Driscoll’s sensory analysts (like Joy Maker Henry) use measures such as filling the testing room with red light so the tasters cannot perceive the color of the berries. Based on tester responses, the Joy Makers make recommendations to other members on the Driscoll’s team as to which berry selections they should continue to be tested and bred.

    Joy Makers coax these plants into producing their very best using only natural techniques. Cross-pollination ensures the very most alluring, pure berry flavor and boosts their natural ability to resist disease and maintain those jewel-toned good looks.

    Only the very finest are chosen to thrive and deliver those small moments of bright flavored joy to you, just as Mother Nature intended.

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