Mother’s Day Brunch

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    All Mom really wants is something straight from the heart and made from your own two hands. This remains true long after your medium switches from crayons to pencils to a keyboard loaded with emojis. This Mother’s Day, give her first the gift of sleeping in and waking up to the fragrant smells of something lovely dawning inside the kitchen. Whether you’re married to a mom, friends with a mom or just the recipient of someone’s motherly love, everybody loves homemade breakfast. Skip the long brunch buffet lines and try one of these delicious, easy recipes.

    Sweet Raspberry Bowl:

    This is an ideal and easy recipe if you’ve got little ones in the kitchen. Not only are these smoothie bowls naturally sweet, they are beautiful and healthy. Give those developing fine motor skills a workout by designing a fun pattern using raspberries, nuts and coconut. Create a sweet heart, rainbows, smiley faces – the ideas are endless!

    Blueberry Pancakes:

    These fat, round flappers studded with vibrant and juicy blueberries are sweet enough that you don’t even need the maple syrup. (Although, no one is judging if you’re reaching for the jar.) Mixing in a little low-fat ricotta cheese and beaten egg whites makes for ethereal pancakes and a little zing of lemon zest perks those blueberries into a bright good morning for your mouth and soul.

    Blackberry-Grand Marnier Baked French Toast Soufflé:

    This breakfast is for the sophisticated mama who understands: brunch doesn’t begin until something gets spiked. Planning ahead makes this breakfast extra fancy and even easier on the maker. All that’s left for morning is turning on the coffee, popping the pan in the oven and topping with juicy, flavorful blackberries.

    Mixed Berry Muffins: 

    Give mom the gift of not just one breakfast, but a couple days’ worth of breakfasts (if these muffins don’t get scarfed down too quick on Sunday).  Sweet berries paired with a tender and rich crumb topping, these muffins can be easily packed away for Monday’s rushed breakfast.  These tasty treats are the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

    Strawberry Shortcake Tea Biscuits:

    As beautiful as they are delicious, the strawberry shortcake tea biscuits make a great addition to Mother’s Day brunch (and they package nicely as a gift for the other moms in your life too!)

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