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    The right (or wrong) lighting can change the mood in a room. good lighting can showcase your cabinetry, your furniture, and your artwork. It can elevate style and function, provide safety, and pull together an overall design. Helping customers find the perfect lighting solution has been part of the Muska Lighting legacy since 1919, when Muska Brothers Electric Company first opened in St. Paul. Tony Muska and his team were pioneers in the Twin Cities area, converting gas lighting in homes over to electric as it became more widely accepted. Tony and his son Bill grew Muska Lighting, and in 1957 opened the Muska Lighting showroom, dedicated to residential decorative lighting. Muska Lighting was successfully operated as part of the Muska Companies until 2016, when Celeste and Tony Schumacher purchased the company. Celeste and Tony are dedicated to honoring and continuing the legacy of Tony and Bill Muska, and the Muska Lighting family, through helping customers find the perfect lighting solution for their homes.

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