New Year, New Refrigerator: Cool Trends to Consider in 2019

    Warners' Stellian kitchen with glass panel LG refrigerator

    Appliances continue to advance in technology and aesthetics. From new features to finishes, chances are the options have changed dramatically from the last time you went appliance shopping. If you’re planning a kitchen refresh in the near future, check out which refrigerator trends are gaining steam.

    Through the looking glass

    Glass panel refrigerator doors allow you to quickly see what’s inside the refrigerator. They don’t dent or scratch as easily as stainless steel or other metal finish options. Want to take a crack at this trend? Check out brands like Frigidaire, LG, Sub-Zero and True.


    Back to black

    Did you hear? Black is the new stainless. The shiny finish hides fingerprints and smudges better than traditional stainless steel, while adding drama to the kitchen. For an extreme look, check out the Obsidian Refrigerator from JennAir, which boasts a black interior.

    More matte

    Matte appliances provide a rich, warm tone while standing up to smudges and fingerprints. It’s no wonder more and more homeowners request this finish. The new appliance line from Café comes in matte black or white with four customizable hardware options:

    • Brushed copper
    • Brushed bronze
    • Brushed black
    • Brushed stainless


    Rose gold

    The color that graced hairstyles, jewelry and even cell phones last year has made its way into appliances. Whirlpool Sunset Bronze offers a brushed, satin finish with rose gold undertones. This neutral finish with a dash of flair complements myriad cabinet, countertop and flooring options.

    Trends come and go, so when shopping for appliances, make sure you choose something that you will be happy with for a long time. The appliance specialists at Warners’ Stellian can help you find an appliance that fits your needs and has true staying power.