Now Trending: Destination Weddings

    This year, we see the growing intent to create a wedding “experience” and one glance at social media shows couples wanting to create buzz-worthy weddings filled with unique experiences to be captured with beautiful images. The once popular rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception model is now making way for an immersive experience and many are choosing a destination to host the bevy of activities that have defined the nuptial weekend.

    One thing is certain, destination weddings don’t just mean a tropical location that a select number of friends and family will jet off to. Now, destination weddings encompass a range of options, from romantic backdrops in Ireland or Italy to local destinations on the North Shore (our other coast) and quaint country inns that can host an entire weekend of activities.

    Both types of destination weddings bring with them the expectation of planned events along with time to enjoy the unique opportunities in the area. While the foreign destination wedding was once used to reduce the guest count, couples are increasingly surprised with the number of family and friends that are choosing to attend their weddings. Particularly for the millennial guest looking for an adventure, this gives them a chance to seize an experience with much of the planning taken care of.

    A destination wedding is not necessarily the cheap alternative it used to be. There are now more options than ever—and if you want to provide a range of experiences and activities for your guests, large groups can certainly impact the budget.

    There can be fantastic perks to a destination wedding, however, including some great packages and added perks for the couple based on the number of rooms booked with the property. But don’t think you will get the best pricing or the best location by shopping online. Working with a travel agent will provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions and to get the best pricing. Most travel agents have stayed in the best destinations, so they can give you an accurate account of each of the options. Also, if there is something that is extremely important to you, like local fare, crafted cocktails, or an amazing spa, they will be able to dial in to the property that will provide everything you are looking for.

    Both local and travel destinations are ramping up their offerings to create something special, not only for the couple, but for the entire guest list. From boat trips and campfires at local destinations to private pools and VIP cabanas in tropical locales, your guests can experience fun adventures and exclusive amenities that they may not normally have access to. Whatever you choose, you will find your guests reminiscing over all the elements that you incorporate in your destination wedding.