There’s a lot of positive energy and enthusiasm these days at the OBGYN West clinics in Eden Prairie and Minnetonka. And not just because of the many honors their doctors have been receiving lately. Actually, what really motivates the team at OBGYN West is providing exceptional care and the latest minimally invasive solutions for their patients.

    “OBGYN West is leading the way in these minimally invasive procedures,” explains Dr. Eric Heegaard, recently named a Best Doctor for Women by Minnesota Monthly Magazine (along with his colleagues, Drs. Gregg Teigen and Terri Johnson). “For example, nationally around 80% of hysterectomies are done via an abdominal incision. At OBGYN West, less than 20% are done that way. For our patients that often means
    less expense, less discomfort and a much faster recovery.”

    “People don’t realize that most hysterectomy patients can go home the same day with these advanced procedures,” adds Dr. Teigen. “With such technological advancements like robotic surgery, we can perform very technical procedures with 3D visualization through very small incisions, which makes getting back to your normal life quicker and easier.”

    OBGYN West is also applying these advanced minimally invasive treatments to common gynecological problems, like bladder issues, excessive bleeding and uterine fibroids. Since fibroids can often be particularly challenging for women, they now offer even more comprehensive care through their Midwest Fibroid Treatment Center.

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