Oral Health: The Importance of Good Dental Care

    You’ve heard of a mind-body connection, right? Well, there’s a mouth-body connection, too. Having a healthy mouth—and taking care of your teeth and gums—can have a significant impact on not just your smile, but also your overall quality of life. We asked area dentists to elaborate on popular products, services, and how they’re creating positive patient experiences to help you live well longer and keep that beautiful smile long into the future.

    Dr. Drew Spencer Edina 5-0 Dental

    Edina 5-0 Dental, P.A.
    Drew F. Spencer, DDS

    Q. What can you tell us about single-appointment restorations?  

    A. Chairside Economical Restorations Esthetic Ceramic, or CEREC technology, is a method used by dentists not only to replace fillings, but to restore any decayed, weakened, or broken tooth back to its natural strength and beauty. The tooth is prepared, digitally photographed, and the restoration is designed, milled (like a 3D printer) and bonded in a convenient single visit (in as little as one to two hours, depending on the number of teeth). 

    Q. What is the intraoral camera system?  

    A. We are proud to offer the new intraoral camera system to our patients, offering powerful benefits of cavity detection. A minimally invasive light-induced fluorescence evaluator shows the infected dentin through a high level of magnification and laser fluorescence. The resulting photos are an invaluable way for patients to quickly see the images, understand the condition of their teeth, and help us apply the most appropriate treatment strategy.

    Office located in Edina • edina5-0dental.com • 952-922-8111

    Stacy Roszkowski

    Lifelong Dental Care 
    Stacy Roszkowski, DDS

    Q. Why should I consider a dental implant over a traditional denture or bridge?

    A. The main advantage of a single dental implant is that it looks and acts like a natural tooth without involving the teeth on either side. Patients that wear dentures often have trouble with speech and eating.
    They are embarrassed to go out in public because their denture moves and is not comfortable. Implants can secure the denture to the jaw bone allowing patients to eat the foods they enjoy and smile confidently in social situations. 

    Q. Apart from brushing and flossing correctly, what, in your opinion, is the most valuable thing a person can do to support his or her dental health?

    A. The best prevention, other than good home care, is early detection. This can be done with regular dental visits. Routine cleanings, exams and x-rays can diagnose problems early on and your dental team can help you with the best solution.

    Dr. Stacy Roszkowski of Lifelong Dental Care has worked and trained extensively to build a practice that is second-to-none. She stays current on ever-changing technology and dental procedures, provides a high level of service—skillfully blending art and science—and treats every patient with sincerity and respect. She has a genuine concern for her patients’ wellbeing and it shows, not only in her chairside manner but among her peers, who voted her a 2015 “Best Dentist.” Roszkowski and her team provide routine exams and cleanings, digital x-rays, mercury-free fillings, crowns, implants, and a wide range of treatments for all ages. According to this well-liked dentist, “We know most of our patients by name and pride ourselves on providing a personal experience.”  

    1525 Livingston Ave. • West St. Paul, MN 55118, 651-457-4888 • lifelongdds.com

    Linden Hills Dentistry

    Linden Hills Dentistry
    Kordie Reinhold, DDS  

    Q. What makes Linden Hills Dentistry unique?

    A. Linden Hills Dentistry is located in the charming, welcoming neighborhood near Lake Harriet. We embrace our community and the Linden Hills way of life. The culture we’ve created delivers a patient centric experience. Convenience hours, comfort menu and exceptional staff, is only a part of creating an unprecedented experience for our patients. On top of that, our fees are kept below the Twin Cities average. Please call and schedule a visit to experience the Linden Hills Dentistry difference. 

    Q. What’s the connection between oral health and overall health? Can going to the dentist actually save your life?

    A. Statistically, only half the population who needs dentistry seeks it out. This is unfortunate, because dentistry has led the way in health care by teaching prevention. We provide true health care in addition to treating disease. Teeth don’t regenerate like the rest of our body, and because of that, special care and attention is needed to keep them healthy. For many, it’s a simple formula of regular professional cleanings and exams. Early detection of disease keeps the treatments less invasive, inexpensive, and successful. Studies have shown that good oral health is directly related to better overall health, lowering your risk for cardiovascular disease. At Linden Hills Dentistry, we take pride in our role of helping people obtain a healthy lifestyle.

    Linden Hills Dentistry is located in the heart of the Linden Hills neighborhood —a wonderful community with great restaurants and shops, just steps from Lake Harriet. 

    “We strive to provide hospitality and treat our patients in a warm, friendly, and generous way,” says Dr. Kordie Reinhold. Together with Drs. Peter Hinke, Chas Salmen, and Jane Puntillo, they provide high-quality, comprehensive, and aesthetic dentistry. “The latest technology in porcelain restorations, such as crowns and veneers, are extremely natural in appearance and more durable then ever,” explains Dr. Reinhold. 

    They take pride in helping their patients navigate the many options available to them today. Good communication is key. They also offer the safe KOR whitening system, the most effective method available. Patients love the outcome. Linden Hills Dentistry has been building relationships with family and friends for over 27 years. It is those relationships that give them the most satisfaction. “We invite you to experience the Linden Hills Dentistry difference,” says Dr. Reinhold.

    4289 Sheridan Ave. S. • Minneapolis, MN 55410, 952-444-9964 • lindenhillsdentistry.com

    Dr. George Rizkalla

    Comfort Dental 
    George Rizkalla, DDS

    Q. What do you offer over other dental practices as far creating a positive patient experience?  

    A. In a world where customer experience can easily be taken for granted, at Comfort Dental, we are dedicated to making sure that every patient has an exceptional experience. We do this by personalizing visits, really listening to questions, and effectively communicating all available options. We measure success by positive patient feedback.

    Q. What can you tell us about sedation dentistry?  

    A. Sedation dentistry has been an amazing tool in helping patients prioritize their oral and overall health. And it’s not just for the anxious patient; it is also for the busy patient who wants to get as much dentistry done in one visit as possible—in the most comfortable way possible. 

    Office located in New Hope, comfortdentalmn.com • 763-746-9033

    Dr Melissa Zettler

    Cherrywood Dental Care
    Melissa Zettler, DDS 

    Q. What is periodontal disease?

    A. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that erodes the bone that supports your teeth. It also gives your bad breath and bloody gums. It can be linked to poor heart health in some individuals also, and should be treated and not left to cause systemic health problems, or dental problems.

    Q. Aside from brushing and flossing, what’s the most important thing a person can do to support their dental health?

    A. Apart from brushing and flossing, a healthy diet is one of the most important things you can do to maintain good dental health. Watching sugar, and acidic food intake is very important. 

    Cherrywood Dental Care doesn’t just specialize in creating beautiful smiles, they also specialize in lasting relationships. “We are a people place,” says Dr. Melissa Zettler. “We like taking care of our patients, getting to know them, and hearing about them over the years as we serve their dental needs.” 

    New visitors receive an hour-long visit at their first appointment, to be sure that all their concerns and health needs are addressed. This one-on-one session is essential to building the patient-doctor relationship, Zettler says, “so that you can feel safe and comfortable as you begin your dental work.” 

    After all, she points out, “When I go to the dentist, I want to know that they care about me. I want to know that they want what is best for me. And I want to know that they are skilled at what they do. All these things are true at Cherrywood Dental Care.”

     To accompany their top-of-the-line bedside manner, Cherrywood remains well-versed in the most up-to-date treatment practices, providing patients with the best, most current care options. Some of these specialty options include oral cancer screenings with regular visits, digital x-rays, Invisalign clear braces, and the Single Tooth Anesthesia Wand for virtually pain-free anesthesia application. In order to further enhance the experience, patients are also offered blankets, headphones, warm towels, and peaceful wetland views. These extras help to make an appointment at Cherrywood as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

     Zettler comments, “Whether I’m spending time getting to know a new patient’s dream for a healthier smile, or catching up with an established patient who has come in for an exam, these exchanges are rewarding both personally and professionally.”

    14127 Vernon Ave. S., Savage, MN 55378, 952-440-9303 • cherrywooddental.com


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