UBS Financial Services, Inc.


    681 E. Lake Street, Suite 354
    Wayzata, MN 55391

    Paul Koch of UBS Financial Services, Inc. considers each member of The Koch Cherne Wealth Management Group to be “first-round draft picks.” As Senior Vice President – Investments with 18 years of experience, Koch—named a Top Financial Adviser by Barron’s—carefully selected each member to help provide clients with a comprehensive wealth management approach. Everyone has a specialty, whether it’s municipal bonds, portfolio management, retirement planning, insurance, lending, cash flow and budgeting, or business development. They look beyond the assets in their clients’ portfolios and look at their lives, the priorities they’ve set and the visions they have for the future. Once they understand what their clients are seeking to achieve, they help identify goals and objectives and create a personalized plan. Comprehensive planning requires understanding all of the moving parts of a person’s financial life. It takes a team approach.

    How would you describe your clients?
    The typical millionaire next door — they’re understated, they live within their means, and they have well-diversified high quality portfolios.

    What sets you apart from the competition?
    This is a trust business, and we take the stewardship of our clients’ wealth very seriously. They’ve created wealth through their business or career, and our job is to help preserve that wealth, reduce risk, and make it grow.

    Have you experienced success over multiple cycles?
    Yes, over the last 19 years my clients and I have successfully navigated several market cycles. Maintaining diversified portfolios is the key.

    Besides portfolio return, what benchmarks should an investor use in evaluating the cost-benefit ratio of working with a wealth advisor?
    They should look at the amount of risk being taken, the diversification of asset classes offered, and whether it’s active management or passive management. Is there a banking and lending relationship? Do they find some layers of value from a service point of view—is there ongoing communication? We believe that we provide a tremendous value without overcharging for it.

    Neither UBS Financial Services Inc. nor any of its employees provide legal or tax advice. You should consult with your personal legal or tax advisor regarding your personal circumstances. Depending on your needs, we can help you implement your retirement strategies through both our brokerage and advisory capabilities.