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The Costume King

A web exclusive selection of Jack Edwards' original costume sketches for the Guthrie Theater, Children’s Theatre Company, the Dayton’s holiday shows, and the Banff Ballet Centre

The New Cinephiles

Barry Kryshka lures film fans to the big screen with classic cinema and fresh popcorn.

Mr. Doomsday

When not teaching, Steve Andreasen works to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Dancing in the Dark

Is Morgan Thorson the best choreographer you’ve never heard of?

Puppet Master

Inside the workshop of Father Nathanael Hauser, a crèche-doll-maker at St. John’s University.

Where the Wild Things Are

Why the most experimental theater in town might just be for kids

Animation Domination

The cartoon kings of Puny Entertainment

Broadway Bound

Can a song and dance help lift kids out of poverty?

Behind the Curtain

Why Arts Midwest may be the most important arts organization you’ve never heard of

Wise Guys

What can a precarious arts scene learn from the oldest continuously operating theater company in the country?