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Outside the Lines

Amy Rice’s distinctive paintings have art aficionados buzzing both at home and abroad. Here, the artist talks about her newfound fame—and the dog incident.

Top of the Pops

The Minnesota Orchestra’s Sarah Hicks wants modern musicians to embrace not only the classics, but the music of their own age.

Rock Star

A St. Cloud granite quarry will become an Ocean this month, when a troupe of dancers perform Merce Cunningham’s last work.

Fringe Benefits

Minnesota’s Fringe Festival is one of the biggest in the world, attended by thousands and propelling lots of new talent into the spotlight. But whether it launches careers is a matter of debate.

Chamber Made

Bruce Coppock’s radical quest to renew the American orchestra, starting in St. Paul

Outside the Box

The Walker Art Center’s new visual-arts curator, Peter Eleey, created fireworks in New York. Will his avant-garde style dazzle here or go up in flames?

This Way In

Yuri Arajs brings outsider art to the masses

Plot Twist

Theatre de la Jeune Lune attempts to re-gain its footing, red ink aside.

Movie Madness II

Minnesota’s movie industry is booming once again—but that may not be a good thing

Nights of Noël

Our guide to the season’s best performances and festivities