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Japanese Tea Ceremony–2 seatings

Come celebrate the spring by participating in 2 Japanese tea ceremonies at Northeast Tea House, performed on the traditional Misonodana lacquer table by the U of M Tea Ceremony Study Group. Commentary and instruction...

Specialty Tea Tasting: 2020 Sheng Pu’er Annual Tasting (Year 2)

Did you know that certain compressed tea cakes improve with age, much like a fine wine? Join us for an exclusive tasting as we sample a 2020 Sheng Pu'er from an ancient tree on...

An Evening of Rare Teas and Incense

Join us for an evening of extraordinary tastes and aromas as we offer rare teas and appreciate the traditional art of Kōdō smokeless incense with all necessary demonstrations, explanations and guidance to fully enjoy...

Minnesota Influencer “@CookingBomb” Launches Debut Cookbook

TikTok chef Vivian Aronson shares her guide to navigating Asian markets, plus her favorite recipe