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Ask the Expert: What is Universal Design?

Universal design allows people to stay in their own homes as long as possible—regardless of age or ability.

Ask the Expert: I love the look of wood garage doors, but I don’t...

What are good alternatives to traditional wood doors?

Ask the Expert: The Twin Cities is my main residence, but I just bought...

Absolutely! We work all over the country on second homes in other cities, winter getaways, summer homes, cabins, cottages, even camps. Many of our clients are extremely mobile, so we have developed effective communication...

If we sell our home in 5 years will we get our money we...

What to consider when remodeling your kitchen for resale.

When Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

Hire an interior designer from the start for the best results.

Are Curtains Out of Style?

Window treatments are a wonderful way to bring color, pattern, and warmth to your room.

Champagne Taste, Beer Budget

Decorate on the cheap without looking cheap.

Tiling the Master Bathroom

Factors to consider when it comes to tile selection

Preparing for a Designer

You've hired or are considering a professional interior designer. Now what?

The Great Kitchen Debate

We can buy products online, so why do we need a kitchen designer?