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Quinton’s June Picks

What to see, hear, and do in June.

Minnesota Summer Festivals

Which is right for you?

Green Line Destinations

Five best stops on the new Light Rail.

5 Retro Toys Remembered

From Legos to Bigwheels, retro toys launched architects and moto racers.

A Hopper Retrospective at the Walker

Drawings unveil the process of an American master.

The King of Pop Art

Sculpture artist Claes Oldenburg shows his early work at the walker

The Ultimate MN Bucket List

There's more to being a Minnesotan than enduring blizzards in May. You've gotta have guts, perseverance, and a little bit of crazy. Mostly, you need to do these 101 things: the true Minnesota bucket list.

Picasso Goes to Work

Lean times have pushed the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to become more enterprising. You may never think of museums the same way again.

Maya Mystery

Inside the largest touring exhibit ever built by the Science Museum of Minnesota

See More, Learn More

With nearly 60 museums in the Twin Cities (trailing behind only Chicago and Washington D.C.), this is an ideal spot for lifelong learners. Whether you want to see famous photographs, real human specimens, dinosaur bones or Civil War artifacts, we’ve got fun and educational offerings for all.