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Watch trailer here:SHOT OF INFLUENCE is an inspirational look at the talent, drive, and perseverance that forged some remarkable Women entrepreneurs, women leaders who have built a career around their passion.The documentary shows the...

2014 Best of the Twin Cities

Top chefs, stylemakers, and artists pick the best food, fashion, and culture.

2014 Best of the Twin Cities: Reader Picks

Readers pick their local favorites of 2014.

2013 Best of the Twin Cities

This year, we went off-the-beaten-path and under-the-radar to seek out the up-and-comers and hidden gems that have been hiding in plain sight.

Best of the Twin Cities 2011

After much tasting and testing, sipping and searching, we present the finest food, drink, services, spectacles, recreation, and retreats in the Twin Cities.

Best of the Cities 2010

From chefs and shops, to parks and pizzas, we spotlight the best in the fun, food, and shopping that the Twin Cities have to offer.