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Annual Fall Drives: A Minnesota Tradition

Fall drives are an annual Minnesota tradition, and the ones we’ve selected include everything you need to make the most of the season.

50th and Xerxes

For quiet, quirky, and satisfying shopping, head to this charming crossroads in southwest Minneapolis


Local art, high fashion, and fresh food bring out the best in this bustling river town

Northeast Minneapolis

Shop, spa, and snack your way through an old-school neighborhood gone hip

Tread Lightly

By mapping Minnesota’s sustainable rural businesses—from vineyards to solar-powered mini-golf courses—Green Routes itineraries promote local eco-tourism

Classic & Chic

Been to Chicago lately? If not, you’ve missed its transformation into a chic international destination.

Madtown 101

You’ll learn to love Wisconsin’s capital city—even if you’re too old for a frat party.

Portage Panorama

A trip to the tip of Minnesota’s Arrowhead reveals the pristine Superior shores of yesteryear.

Wing Tips

Stoneware, leather, sweet onion dip, and a pair of dreadlocked dogs await visitors who venture to Red Wing in the dead of winter. And did we mention the beer-battered cheese curds?

Sauce and the City

These days, there’s much more to Kansas City than barbecue.