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The Making of “Mpls. vs. St. Paul”

Minnesotans are famously conflict-avoidant. We won’t put you out for a cup of coffee without refusing it at least three times first. If the ethos of Minnesota Nice scripts our social interactions with polite...

Editor's Letter: Here Comes the Sun

Spring Break can’t arrive soon enough!

MNMO 2.0

Introducing Minnesota Monthly's redesign.

For Love or Money

We’ve gone beyond the numbers in our “Who Makes What” feature to offer a closer look at what various Minnesotans do to earn a living.

Magazine as Supper Club

Rachel Hutton, Editor in Chief

Lucky '13

2013 seemed like the right time for change. After all, it is odd.

Why You Should ♥ This Issue

Let me give you a tour of all the love we’ve packed into this issue. Follow along. And feel free to dot the I’s with hearts if you like.

Survival Kit

Instead of fleeing winter, try to survive it right here at home in Minnesota with help from MNMO's finest.

The MNMO Look

Minnesota Monthly has long been blessed with great art directors, and the current crop of designers is no exception.

Best Comebacks

This year's trends and transformations aren’t all new, but are well-worth celebrating nonetheless.