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Unlimited Reach

I’m not just reaching out, leaving the rest to fate.

Content Du Jour

I compare editing to being a chef at a busy restaurant. Bon appétit!

Mapped Quests

Road trips have a way of opening our eyes to the natural wonders that lie just a few miles from home.

Portrait of a Polarizing Politician

Two summers ago, I spent the Fourth of July marching in a parade with U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann. I hasten to add that I wasn’t stumping for Minnesota’s sixth-district congresswoman. Rather, as a journalist,...

Spin City

Maybe we are more like Paris.

Enough About Me

Let’s talk about you. Seriously, I’m all ears. Why? Because I believe our staff can deliver a better magazine if we know what you’re interested in, what you want to read about, what piques...

Bearded Lady

The editor’s profession is not without occupational hazards.

The Bemidji Way

Minnesota Monthly’s redesign is largely the work of our creative director, Brian Johnson.