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WATCH: New VocalEssence Youth Choir Celebrates Diversity

VocalEssence's new diverse youth choir will collaborate with local artists and choreographers, compose their own music, and build community through song

10 Fun (and Cheap!) Things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Franconia Sculpture ParkWith over 30 acres of art created by artists from around the country, the Franconia Sculpture Park in St. Croix Falls is worth a stop. What might first appear as junk from...
Photo of Art Buddies

Volunteer Opportunities in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Find great volunteer opportunities at any of these amazing places after you settle in. You won’t be disappointed.

Spring Getaways

You don't have to go far to appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature in spring. From waterfalls to unique festivals, we highlight a few of our favorite destinations

Where to Eat, Drink, and Explore in 10 Minnesota Cities

Where to eat, drink, and explore in 10 Minnesota Cities

Summer Camps & Enrichment Classes

A collection of summer camps & enrichment classes to boost self-confidence, help kids learn the importance of teamwork and collaboration, make new friends and have fun.

Top 5 Outdoor Ice Rinks in the Twin Cities

From the classic favorites to new additions, lace up (and bundle up) at these popular metro ice skating rinks

The Arli-Dazzle Christmas Light Parade

A small Minnesota town with a surprisingly big holiday celebration