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Fashion Week Minnesota Returns in Style

This year’s events celebrated diversity, sustainability, and creativity
From left to right: One "Afterglow" look by Laura Fulk, an artist working on the large canvases for the hanging garments of the show

Fashion Show “Afterglow” Tries to Capture the Essence of a Friend

FWMN to You: Designer Laura Fulk and nine other artists team up to remember art therapist Laura Weber
Ramadhan Mohamed at her fall 2019 Fashion Week MN show, Warm Nights in Finfine. Madeline Elli Photography

Ramadhan Designs’ Eid Collection Unites Her Faith, Passion, and Community

FWMN to You: In between launching her fashion website and finishing collection, Ramadhan Mohamed is updating the face mask
From left: social media and community events manager Madison Hibbs in centro travel jacket and beach pants, creative director Jaymi Michael in the beach wrap and beach sun hat

Sun-Protective Apparel Brand Sun50 Gives Back During COVID-19

FWMN to You: Sun50 plans goes virtual for fashion week and launches a campaign to raise money for food banks
Grant Newsome and Sarah Mullerleile modeling two looks from Rebekah Anne's spring/summer Fashion Week MN collection. Photo by Madeline Wilcox.

Elton John and Florals Inspire Fashion Designer Rebekah Anne

FWMN to You: Rebekah Niemeyer debuts the first collection of her vibrant, vintage brand—we just have to wait a little longer