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I Heart (Enter City Here)

Local filmmakers show everything they love about their cities and neighborhoods...in three minutes

Believe Me, We’re Not Here for the Money

Real actors play real heroin junkies playing real actors in Shirley Clarke’s jazzy, avant-garde opus, "The Connection"

Woody Allen: The Man Thousands of Neurotic Men Have to Thank for Their, er,...

The rambling worrywart’s masterpiece, "Manhattan," screens this weekend

Can a Full-Grown Woman Truly Love a Midget?

Cult carnie film "Freaks" reveals all you never wanted to know about the sideshow

Where Have All the Giant Mutants Gone?

New sci-fi fest "Watch the Skies!" takes us back to a time when science was, like, HUGE

This American Uptown Life

The newly renovated Uptown celebrates its facelift with booze, posh seating—and Ira Glass?

Another Movie for Masochists

The film that triggered outrage at its Sundance premier debuts in Minneapolis

All's Fair in Guts and Gore

The Film Society's David Cronenberg series is a wonderful reminder of the director's power to disturb.

Bring on the Ba-Zing!

The Heights trots out a pun-peppered Marx Brothers classic

Marina Seduces Everyone

Performance art and the poetics of stamina