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Canyon Grille

Glass Half Full: Canyon Grille’s sophisticated wine list deserves a menu and service to match.

Dinner Date

A local cooking school helps singles heat things up.

Roll with the Brunches

Mom-worthy pastries, apple cinnamon pancakes, cherry chicken sausage, and fresh fruit parfaits make their way to the plate at one big-league brunch and a number of bright, young new ones.

Street Eats

Hot dogs, pretzels, ice cream—and hot dogs. Shouldn’t a city the size of Minneapolis have more interesting sidewalk fare?

Maria’s Café

The breakfast menu at Maria’s Café features unusual flapjacks, such as their signature cachapas Venezolanas.

W. A. Frost

Frost’s is more than just a pretty face; its kitchen turns out as much substance as style.

Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine

South Seas Tour: Peninsula showcases the complexity of Malaysian cooking.


A chef changes cities but doesn't lose his accent.


Fhima trades luxury for low-key at his latest venture.

Kozy’s Steaks and Seafood

WHEN KOZY’S OPENED IN THE GALLERIA late last summer, it certainly had big tables to fill. Its “older brother,” Jax Café—the legendary Nordeast supper club—has been the star of owner Bill Kozlak Jr.’s family...