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Eichten’s Bistro and Market

Country Kitchen: Belgian beer, cheese, and kitsch make Eichten’s Bistro and Market worth a stop.

La Swell Vie

La Swell Vie: After a move from Stillwater to Minneapolis, life is still good at one of the state’s best-loved restaurants.

Town Talk

Chatterbox Café: A group of culinary hotshots puts the buzz back in the Town Talk.

Fork in the Road

Will Brenda Langton’s Spoonriver make healthy food hip?

Choice of the Heart

Jun Bo, Richfield’s sprawling new Chinese restaurant, serves the state’s most ambitious dim sum.

Maria’s Café

WHEN YOU WALK INTO MARIA’S CAFÉ, you feel as if the owner, Maria Hoyos, has welcomed you into her living room. A stack of Gente de Minnesota Spanish-language newspapers sits next to the counter...