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Pride of Place

Hawaii has sunshine and coconut palms. Chicago has skyscrapers and hot dogs. France and Italy top the list for the world’s best food, wine, cathedrals, art, history, and stylish eyewear. And Minnesota? So glad...

Cheap Seats

The other day i went to see a film at the discount theater in Hopkins. I’m not much of a moviegoer, but I do enjoy the occasional comedy or art-house flick. I try to...

Trunk Show

THE FIRST CAR I EVER OWNED WAS a used Volvo station wagon with 188,500 miles on it. The seller assured me that the Swedish brand was famous for its durability. He said he’d seen...

Left Behind

Worries over y2k computer glitches. Hanging chads. Presidential recounts. Images of smoking skyscrapers. Talk of fatwas, revenge, conspiracy, and “the end of irony.” Easy airport security. Rod Grams’s career as a U.S. Senator....

Dutch Treat

I’ve always envied people who grew up with holiday traditions.

Hot Plates

Should you go where you always go? Get what you always get?

You're the Best

Survey data fascinates me. Pollsters get to ask the kind of questions you’d never dare put to your friends or family: Do you snoop through the host’s medicine cabinet at a party? (Forty percent...

Raise a Glass

What makes a great bar?


Not everybody has it so good

Pizza Mystic

I forgot that Dara doesn't do simple.