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Here and Now

I’ve noticed a curious phenomenon among friends who’ve resided in the Twin Cities for a long time. During the nadir of winter, they tend to talk a lot about how much they’re looking forward...

The Vanishing

When the state shut down on July 1, there were many stories in the media about the specific services that wouldn’t be provided during what one legislator called “The Great Ugliness.” One might be...

Here’s the Beef

How do we know they’re the best?

Shore Shot

Everybody has a lake story

Birth Effects

Happy Birthday, Minnesota

Bridge Work

August 1, 2007 was predictable. Even boring. Until the bridge collapsed.

A Warm Embrace

Introducing Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl, Elizabeth Dehn, and more Minnesota Monthly changes

Escape Route

This issue's cover story reminds Editor Andrew Putz of being stranded in Reno

On the River

A visit to my hometown

Personal Bests

The Best of My Office: The Essential Guide to the Editor's Workspace