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Walker Curator Peter Eleey Packs for New York

Hotshot curator hired at MoMA affiliate

Review: SPCO Wins Unprecedented Ovation For Beethoven

Guest violinist Thomas Zehetmair performed Beethoven's Violin Concerto—from memory—to unprecedented applause

Last Word on Bon Jovi Opening Act Mix-Up

Select Three manager weighs in on unusual Bon Jovi gig

Erotic Opera, A Play in a Wrestling Ring & More Weekend Fun

If you're too old for a nightclub, this is as good a place as any to get a similar sensual buzz.

Bon Jovi to KQ: You Flubbed, Now I Pick

Bon Jovi asks Alison Scott to open; new CD is about "dancing your butt off."

Bon Jovi Announces Opening-Act Winners for Xcel Shows

KQRS holds a contest to pick the opening bands for Bon Jovi at Xcel.

A Peek at Prince's Inner Sanctum (from the Wall Street Journal?)

Prince's Web guy gets a private concert... And then fired.

Full-Puppet Nudity: 'Avenue Q' Returns, With A Warning

They look like Muppets. They move like Muppets. So those must be Muppets in Avenue Q, the Tony Award–winning musical that's coming to the Orpheum Theatre April 13 to 18?Not really. Nor are they...

Pawlenty Commentary Touches A Nerve

You know you've put your finger on a hot button when an article fires people up enough to write their own thoughts about it—or blog them or Twitter them or Facebook them. And that's...

Twins fever? There's a play for that: “It's Outta Here!”

New stadium, new hot dogs—could you be more fired up for the opening of Target Field? Well, sure, especially after seeing "It's Outta Here!" a new interactive play from a host of Minnesota writers,...