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Man-Makeover: Second Edition

We take a newly minted American citizen from aspiring actor to leading man.

Go Fish

Justine schools us on the fishtail bun.

Sideswept and Fabulous

Watch our video for an easy-peasy summer hairstyle that you can do at home. For real.

Second-Day Curls

In part II of our video series, Justine shows us a technique for preserving that stylist-created perfect 'do.

Get a Blowout Without the Round Brush. Or the Dryer.

Learn how to get salon results without all the sweat and tears.

Out with the Ombré

Inches of root color is out—but the melting effect can still be in.

Pretty in Pastels

Defining this season's hair-color trends, from catwalk to sidewalk.

Ready, Set, Spring!

Yes, we know it's going to snow. Yes, we're upset, too. But that doesn't mean your hair and skin have to suffer.

Hot Hair: Spring/Summer 2013 Trend Spotting

Spring and summer are just around the corner, and these sizzling hair trends keep pace with the rising temps

Making Over Mom: 10 Years Younger

More hair, fewer years: the magic of hair extensions