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What It Feels Like…

We asked a few exceptional Minnesotans to share their stories about doing daring, unusual, and—some might say—foolhardy feats. You may never do any of these things, but now you'll know exactly what it feels like.

July 2010 Party Pics

Open Arms of Minnesota's Moveable Feast Gala

Vanishing Point

Researchers say agriculture is killing Lake Pepin. Can a national treasure be saved before it’s too late?

July 2010 Arts Calendar

Your guide to going out this month

Enough About Me

Let’s talk about you. Seriously, I’m all ears. Why? Because I believe our staff can deliver a better magazine if we know what you’re interested in, what you want to read about, what piques...

Best Barbecue

Think Minnesota doesn’t have national-class barbecue? Think again. There is shockingly good barbecue all over Minnesota, if you only know where to eat. And we do.

Alexandria’s Chain of Lakes

The boaters’ paradise made for spending a weekend—or a week—on the water.


The drug scene has changed over the past generation: A new lineup of drugs and technology makes them easier to get than ever—but many parents don’t want to admit it.

Chic Summer Soirees

A summer night is the perfect backdrop for throwing a sweet, simple party. Remember three main ingredients—the Mood, the food, and the drink—and don’t get fussy. Take our tips to relax, enjoy, and look brilliant. You’re welcome.

June 2010 Party Pics

Voltage: Fashion Amplified showcased the best in local design and rock ‘n’ roll; VocalEssence threw a fundraising fiesta for its community engagement programs; United Way Best of Awards on March 31, 2010 at the Orpheum Theatre.