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Twitterview with Monique Volz, @AmbitiousKitch

Let's work to stay warm on this cool day in MN and talk with @AmbitiousKitch about food!

Twitterview with Sara Soli, @ssoli

Tweeting with @ssoli about this weekend's #FoodWineShow taking place at #TargetField and @WMinneapolis.

Twitterview with Emily Engberg, @emilyengberg

Hello everyone and @emilyengberg! Today were going to learn about Emily and her work with @TwinCities_Live.

Twitterview with Katie Holley, @RestoreHealing

Welcome everybody and welcome Katie Holley of @RestoreHealing for today's @MNMOmag Twitterview

Twitterview with Shayne Wells, @ShayneWellsMSP

Good morning everyone! It's snowing in MN, but let's focus on what's new with @ShayneWellsMSP of @BUZN1029.

Twitterview with Yana D of UNION Mpls, @UNIONMpls

Let's learn about the retractable roof restaurant in DWNTWN Minneapolis called @UNIONMpls.

Twitterview with Kim Insley, @KimInsley

Good morning everyone! Hopefully you are warm and inside. :) Today's #MNMOtv guest is @KimInsley of @KARE11. Let's get started!

Twitterview with Tim Gihring, @TimGihring

Hello everyone! If you've read a @MNMOmag lately, you've probably seen the name @TimGihring, multiple times. Let's learn about him!

Twitterview with Mandy, @IvySpaClub

Today's Twitterview is with Mandy of the @IvySpaClub, focusing on health & fitness.

Twitterview with Debbie Turner, @DebbieTurnerDTO

The hills are alive... and they're covered with snow in MN! Welcome to the #MNMOtv interview of @DebbieTurnerDTO!