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What a daughter hears

New Year, New Muse

Change, besides being inevitable, can actually be fun

Dyed in the Wool

Why the revival of a Minnesota heritage brand makes us feel all warm and fuzzy

Code Red

It’s the new year—and this working mom is ready to greet 2012 with a new look.

Let’s Get Physical

The Firm celebrates 26 years with a hot new location

Going Glam

Amping up this mom’s curvaceous figure makes for a red-carpet ready look

Style in Bloom

We take a hosta-loving homemaker and get her wardrobe growing

Queen Mum

We give this deserving mother a positively regal look in time for her daughter’s wedding

Knit Wit

Twin Cities’ hackwith design house is mastering the art of go-anywhere, do-anything knit separates

Brilliant Basics

With the right color palette and a few modern details, it’s easy to punch up a classic look