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Duck Dynasty

How three brothers from Minnesota came to rule the obscure and peculiar world of competitive duck painting

The Love Whisperer

Oprah’s fave life coach, Kailen Rosenberg, on her new series, Lovetown, U.S.A.

Jon Foley Beats the Heat

The contrarian ecologist on losing the climate debate to win the planet

Maya Moore Takes London

10 reasons why the Lynx star will make Olympic gold a slam dunk

John Munson Makes You Smarter

The bass-playing maestro of Wits picks the 10 wittiest songs of all time

Flesh Tones

The Old-World world of painting prodigy Luke Hillestad

The Gospel of Greta Oglesby

The Caroline, or Change star returns with a memoir and another big role

Rock-a-bye Baby

Haley Bonar’s amazing, all-good, very musical year—with child!

Discovering America

Why is Mark Ritchie bringing the U.S. Constitution to St. Paul?

Katie McMahon Deserves a Kiss

She was the lead singer of Riverdance. Now she’s our Celtic woman.