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Emma’s Restaurant & Lounge

Review published September 2005JUST A YEAR AGO, I was sitting outside 3 Muses on Lyndale Avenue, snacking on beet “tartare” and splitting a bottle of wine with a friend—having a moment of gourmet-but-unfussy glory....

Ristorante Luci

Review published July 2005FROM THE OUTSIDE, Ristorante Luci and her sister restaurant, Luci Ancora, appear so dissimilar you’d guess one was fathered by the mailman, er, il postino. The two are located kitty-corner from...

Aura and Zander Café

Aura and Zander Café: great food, from A to Z.

Dinner Date

A local cooking school helps singles heat things up.


Urban Renaissance: Margaux’s cozy neighborhood restaurant arrives slightly ahead of the neighborhood.

Willie’s Wine Bar & Coffee House

Fruitful Venture: At Willie’s Wine Bar & Coffee House, the ROI is full flavor and a nice buzz.

Yum! Kitchen & Bakery

Cold Comforts: Yum! Kitchen & Bakery serves up salads, soups, and sandwiches that beat the heat.


Spice Trade: Namaste brings the flavors of south Asia to south Minneapolis