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Staging Erdrich

The acclaimed novelist's Master Butchers Singing Club squeezes into the Guthrie

Fringe Family

Joseph and Sara Scrimshaw, the unofficial First Couple of the Minnesota Fringe Festival, on freaks, JonBenét, and the devil inside

Full Circus

The circus saved Chimgee Haltarhuu. Now she’s using the circus to save others.

Viso's Visions

The Walker chief unveils a haunting new show—and the museum’s new attitude

Dirty Dancing

After 23 seasons of turning ballet on its tiara-covered head, you’d think that Myron Johnson and his Ballet of the Dolls—once described as “Busby Berkeley on speed”—would find it hard to shock anyone anymore....

New Moves

Penelope Freeh and Megan Mayer on tutus, taboos, and what to call their upcoming dance works at the Southern Theater

Guise and Dolls

Sarah Agnew brings a classic domestic drama into the 21st century

Wrestle MNania

Minnesota's Golden Age of Wrestling Revealed

Street Shooter

A decade after photographing Lake Street, Wing Young Huie hits the pavement again