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Primp & Proper

Cheap chic hits paydirt at this Selby Avenue shop

A Definite Plus

Finally, a boutique tailored for plus-size ladies

Blue-Ribbon Retail

The rebirth of great menswear in the Twin Cities continues with Bluepeg

Body of Steele

Pump some iron with a personal trainer—or just look like you did

Easy Being Green

From eco-friendly mattresses to recycled-glass dishes, Moss Envy is all about loving Mother Earth in style

Business in Bloom

Everything is coming up roses in south Minneapolis

C'est Chic

Pretend you’re strolling the Ile Saint-Louis while browsing North Loop’s latest addition

La Petite Parfumerie

Some of the world's most sought-after fragrances are right under your nose at this dainty downtown Excelsior boutique


Forget what you think you know about old clothes. There’s nothing musty about the fashion relics you’ll find at these enduringly hip establishments.

Museum Shops

You can find holiday gifts for everyone on your list at one of these cultural institutions. Long lines and crying babies not included.