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Shampoo Confessions

For the last week, I've been cheating on my shampoo. With a cleansing conditioner. I had read about WEN, a newish line of hair care products that's all the rage with celebrities, but that...

Bliss in Boulder

My husband and I spent this past weekend in Boulder, Colorado, visiting friends. I always feel so at home in this town because it's simply a smaller, warmer, more mountainous version of the Twin...

Shopping Parties, Revisited

Just like my mother knows better than to ask me when I'm having babies, friends and co-workers seem to know better than to invite me to an in-home shopping party. I must not be...

The Suite Life

Spring and summer fashion for traveling—across town or around the world

Aroma Therapy

Spritz, splash, and say hello to spring with these fresh scents

Weather Ready

Coats of many colors to weather spring’s bluster and storms

Mary and Her Chocolate Factory

A St. Paul native turned a delicious dream into heavenly reality.

It’s All About Accessories

STYLEDLIFE takes a new perspective on fashion

10 Gifts from the Heart

Buy any one of these gifts for your honey on Feb. 14 and we promise that you won’t need Cupid’s help. Add a nice dinner with soft lights, Sinatra crooning in the background, a good bottle of wine, some red roses, and wala! — you’re playing a leading role in the perfect Valentine’s Day fairytale.

Rock of Ages

Rubies rule, emeralds elate. But compressed carbon is forever.