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Inside the Guthrie’s New Carol

Behind the scenes of the clever new production

Legend of the Stage

Only one actor in town can claim a theater with her name on it. A behind-the-scenes look at Wendy Lehr’s life on stage.

Going Home

An extended conversation with choreographer Emily Johnson about her new work, The Thank-You Bar.

Behind the Scenes: The James Sewell Ballet Le Dance Off Photo Shoot

The James Sewell Ballet wryly riffs on television's celebrity dance craze with its own take on the collision of art and commerce in Le Dance Off. Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at our photo shoot with them—and their crutches.

Sewn Together

A musical about quilts? Regina Williams explains Gee’s Bend.

Review: Guthrie’s “Master Butchers Singing Club” Hits Mostly High Notes

Terrific acting trumps the difficulties of staging Louise Erdrich’s epic

A History of Gee’s Bend Quilts

Going to see Gee’s Bend, the new play opening October 15 at the Park Square Theatre? Here are some resources to learn more about the famous quilts at the heart of the play.

Dirty Dancing

After 23 seasons of turning ballet on its tiara-covered head, you’d think that Myron Johnson and his Ballet of the Dolls—once described as “Busby Berkeley on speed”—would find it hard to shock anyone anymore....

Guise and Dolls

Sarah Agnew brings a classic domestic drama into the 21st century

Rock Star

A St. Cloud granite quarry will become an Ocean this month, when a troupe of dancers perform Merce Cunningham’s last work.