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What’s Your Name Again?

Senior moments aren’t just for oldsters anymore. And when it comes to memory lapses, proper names often are the first things to flee your mind.

Code Check

Genetic testing reveals a wealth of data about you and your family. But when it comes to your DNA, how much information is too much?

Bitter Pill

What if a drug designed to treat depression actually caused depression? It’s a question that has come to define one Minneapolis woman’s life.

Keeper of Cures

From tonics to elixirs, pharmacy historian Bill Soderlund has time in a bottle

24 Ways to Get Lost… And Find Yourself

Need rejuvenation after enduring another Minnesota winter? Reconnect, refresh, recharge, and reenergize with a spring trip.

A Spatique’s in Town

Twin Cities' spas are at your service.

Beauty Basics 101

Join us as we answer some of the most common questions in the growing industry of health, beauty, and wellness.

The Beat Goes On

A St. Cloud experiment may save your life

Eaten Alive

A pair of Minnesotan authors offers advice on how to keep addictions from consuming your family

Animal Indulgence

Here are 10 local finds guaranteed to please your pug, soothe your Siamese, tame your Toucan, and prove you love your llama.