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How to Have a Minnesota Midlife Crisis

Skip the surgery, the Facebook stalking, the trip to Baja—and come back to Earth

Is Seasonal Affective Disorder Real?

New research on SAD questions the connection between sunlight and depression

How to Pamper Yourself During the Holidays

Keep your end-of-the-year stress at bay with the help of these local products and services

The Run-Down of a Fly Feet Running Workout

From running on a treadmill to pull-ups, squats, burpees and hollow holds, Fly Feet Running’s classes will get your heart pumping

Rethinking Conventional Wisdom on Heart Disease

Our understanding of the link between diet and cardiovascular health has been too simplistic

Wise Women: Financial Savvy for Every Life Stage

Whether you’re just beginning your career, retiring from the workforce, or somewhere in between, a major financial decision is never far off. We asked local experts to share their tips for establishing habits for a secure financial future.

Financial Planning for Later in Life

Preparing for the golden years includes calculating retirement income, choosing how to allocate your time, and determining the legacy you want to leave behind

Financial Planning for Middle Age

Once careers and families are established, it's important to find balance and stay on top of finances

Financial Planning Early in Life

The early years of establishing personal independence are a perfect time to form good spending and saving habits

New Workout Studio Ready to Run Fifth Street

Fly Feet Running transforms group fitness with treadmill-focused workout